Safety and Faireness Policy

Safety and Faireness Policy

If any user is found to be engaging in any of the activities listed below, the user's coins may be confiscated and their account will be either temporarily or permanently suspended. The behaviors below are among those considered inappropriate. Offensive behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  1. hate speech, racism, or discriminatory speech
  2. obscene or pornographic jokes
  3. intimidation, threats, or other harassment
  4. insults, humiliation, profanity
  5. spam or other repetitive messaging

How to report an issue

  1. Long press the message in question and tap "Report"
  2. Record the user's account name and save a screenshot of the message. Use the form on Walkr's official website to provide the username and screenshot. Our team will address the issue within one week.
  3. Within one week after the accusation has been verified, the user in question will be notified of their restricted status and the amount of time before this status will be lifted within the app's settings (this includes but is not limited to their message's content, reason they were reported, and other disciplinary measures).

Disciplinary Measures

To ensure safety and fairness in the app, we ask all of our users to be respectful and maintain a mutually positive user experience. Offensive behavior will be grounds for temporary or even permanent suspension of a user's account. False or misleading accusations will also be subject to disciplinary action.

The first time a user commits an offense they will be banned for a period of 24 hours. If the same user is reported and verified to have breached terms of service three times, their account will be permanentely banned. Note: severe offenses may be subject to more severe punishment according to the seriousness of the offense. Players who commit additional offenses while already on restricted status will be subject to more severe punishment.

  • First offense: Banned from posting/messaging for 24 hours
  • Second offense: Banned from posting/messaging for 72 hours
  • Third offense: Permanent ban

Other Unacceptable Behavior

  • Impersonating a SPARKFUL employee
  • Using third party software to cheat
  • Selling or buying user accounts
  • Unauthorized sales within the app
  • Account phishing
  • Abusing refunds
  • Intentionally exploiting app loopholes
  • Encouraging others to violate app regulations
  • Requesting or providing personal contact information
  • Using public chat windows to send ads, for-profit accounts (spam), or fraud

Those who intentionally exploit app loopholes, engage in unauthorized in-app sales, or other dishonest behavior may have their app coins automatically confiscated and be permanently banned from the app's Ranking page, and risk a permanent account ban.