Hydration: What you're missing about water intake
Hydration: What you're missing about water intake

Hydration: What you're missing about water intake

You’ve probably read plenty of headlines warning that you’re not drinking enough water, so much so that the advice can seem obvious or overwhelming. But have you really given much thought to the role of water and stay hydrated in a healthy lifestyle? Are we just mindlessly drinking water because it seems healthy? Well, in case you were wondering, here are some of the less obvious reasons you should be carrying a water bottle with you all the time.

Water boosts the body and mind

Many folks start with drinking more water as a path to weight loss, and naturally drink more of it when they begin regular exercise. However, water isn’t just beneficial for your physical health! Numerous studies show that inadequate hydration can have negative consequences for your brain function, impacting things like memory and concentration.

Water also plays an important role in your level of alertness, which may be why you find your mind wandering and your eyelids drooping a few hours after lunch. Before grabbing an afternoon snack or a jolt of caffeine, ask yourself: when’s the last time I had a glass of water?

That healthy glow is more than skin-deep

Consider how many products you use on a regular basis to optimize how your skin looks and feels. Although some moisturizing products can be helpful, they also contain unpronounceable chemicals, create additional plastic waste, and can be harmful to your bank account. What if there were a cheaper way to maintain healthy skin? When it comes to skincare, though the humidity in your climate is an important factor, dehydration can lead to itchiness, under-eye bags, and other not-so-fun skin issues. Try sticking to a solid hydration habit for a full month and you’ll be able to see for yourself what you’ve been overlooking in your skincare routine.

Chronic underhydration can lead to chronic constipation

Here’s another one: you might toss some extra fiber into your morning smoothie to keep yourself “regular.” If you’re not also consuming an adequate amount of water daily, you’re missing out. Your digestive system relies on water to process what you eat, soaking up liquids from your food directly. Since not all foods are water-rich to begin with, this means your meals alone can’t cover your hydration needs, and you may need to drink more to prevent regular constipation.

Have we convinced you that water is your best friend yet? Maybe you need a little more inspiration to drink more water!

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