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Welcome to JoyPower Co!
We’re strong advocates for the power of ‘fun’ in enhancing life,
and with SPARKFUL, you’ll transition from ‘meh’ to ‘wow!’

SPARKFUL team members
Our Mission

Creating Fun, Expanding Horizons

We’re fellow fun enthusiasts, just like you! Our belief in the inherent joy of play drives us to find solutions for real-world challenges. By infusing design and technology with fun, we turn our vision into reality through our mobile apps. Our goal? To not only improve lives but also add an extra dash of excitement!

The Joy Starts Here
The Joy Starts Here
Global Users
Global Users
Fun-Loving Humans
Fun-Loving Humans
Our Products

Products that Grow with You

Whether it's staying hydrated, taking daily walks, managing finances, or jotting down to-lists, we begin with small steps. We infuse a touch of joy that can have a profound impact on your everyday routines. Our quality products can become a lasting companion for years to come.

Our Work is to Spread Happiness to Each and Every Person. From a caring daughter monitoring her parents’ health with Walkr to a brave young girl finding solace with Plant Nanny, and individuals honing financial prowess with Fortune City — among our millions of users, a blend of captivating stories continuously unfolds.

Our product journeys alongside you as you mature, evolving into an integral part of cherished memories. We hold that these narratives represent the most significant encounters within our vast user community, fostering shared memories that bridge the gap between us and them.

Wei-Fan Chen, CEO of SPARKFUL

Everyone Deserves a More Fulfilling Life.
Transforming the ordinary into the captivating fuels our creativity. Designers, take note: infuse your designs with a touch of play, enhancing lives with a delightful sense of fun.

Wei-Fan Chen
Our Team

Through strategic design techniques, we convert dullness into fascination, infusing depth into the mundane.

We hold that excellent products are born from exceptional teams and a thriving culture. Balancing artistry and data, we craft products that intertwine beauty and functionality, seamlessly blending into daily routines. Our team boasts swift communication, fostering the growth of ideas through endless dialogues. We have a penchant for hands-on thinking, bringing our creativity to life through the crafting of petite, charming, and practical products.

Our Culture

Being serious and having fun are not mutually exclusive; they can harmoniously coexist.
Our mission is to discover solutions to these inquiries.

Smooth communication and quick action are essential for small teams. SPARKFUL embraces a small-team approach, ensuring seamless coordination from the inception of product concepts and initial prototypes to pre-production readiness and impeccable collaboration during the production phase. This model empowers each team member to contribute their creativity, expertise, and offer solutions.

Indie + Mainstream

We love indie creations while immersing ourselves in mainstream culture. Indie works provide unique perspectives, culture, essence, and spirit. Our passion extends to playing indie games, watching indie movies, and listening to indie bands. We also engage with mainstream culture to delve into the zeitgeist and shared experiences.

Our creations mirror this approach: We capture distinctiveness within the mainstream and delve into the spirit of the independent, amplifying our unique creative essence through commercial avenues and embedding it profoundly within our era.

Humanities + Technology

We hold that positioning ourselves at the crossroads of humanities and technology empowers us to ascend with dual strength. Art serves as the internal impetus for creativity, nurturing our imaginative spark; technology serves as the external propulsion for our products, refining our responsive actions.

Play + Serious

Our creations transcend mere entertainment; they encompass multifaceted aspects of life beyond gaming.

When crafting a product, it can serve practical purposes while offering enjoyment; in game design, it can either provide pure entertainment or convey profound meaning; when shaping a space, it has the potential to offer relaxation or ignite imaginative inspiration.

Our Philosophy

Playable Design

Introducing The Playful Design, a concept pioneered by SPARKFUL’s founder, Wei-Fan Chen. The emphasis lies in crafting features that are playable, igniting users’ sense of playfulness. The objective isn’t solely to create amusing toys or games, but to engender captivating workspaces, project elements, apps, social exchanges, and everyday products.

The secret to crafting captivating products lies in making them playable.

Join us in exploring the science of creating fun!

Join us in exploring the science of creating fun!