To-Do Adventure

To-Do Adventure
Habit & To-Do Tracker

Keep track of the day’s tasks and make life an adventure

A handy visual way of keeping you engaged with tasks. To-do list won't feel daunting when you've got an element of fun to keep you motivated.

To-Do Adventure
To-Do Adventure
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To-Do Adventure: Habit Tracker
Lets You Gamify Task Management

To-Do Adventure is an incredible productivity journal! Create more time to relax in your busy daily life by keeping track of everything that needs to get done! To-do lists do not have to be something you are simply forcing yourself to do. They really can be fun and games!

Make a plan

List what you want to accomplish for the day.

Get it done

Finish your to-do list and build your unique island map.

Review your success

Review every task’s progress and process.

Every Little Bit Counts

Every Little Bit Counts

Turn your tasks into a playable challenge. Achieve your goals for the day and explore your own unique island map. The adorable Ticktail guides you as you embark on your To-Do Adventure.

Review Performance on the Regular

Make lists of what you would like to do today, routines or habits you would like to build, or any long-term goals for the future. To-Do Adventure helps you list, review, and organize your tasks with immediate visual feedback along the way. Accurately keep track of your tasks for the day, week, and month.

Review Performance on The Regular Basis
Visual Feedback at a Glance

Visual Productivity at a Glance

The task process is presented in a visualized way to help you quickly browse through your achievements, make corrections based on your needs, and reach the goals you have established! Easily adjust your progress to the reality of daily life and achieve your goals.

An Extraordinary Way to Plan Your Day

To-Do Adventure helps you sort out tasks that haven't been completed so you can prioritize what's important and improve your efficiency.

The Exclusive Way to “Review Plan”
Unlock Badges, Landmarks, or Even Fantasy Themes

Unlock Badges, Landmarks, or Even Fantasy Themes

Choose your favorite themes from among more than 10 different designs to customize the look of your journal. To-Do Adventure's unique and diversified theme notebooks and badges add more playfulness to your productivity.

A Productivity App That Gamifies Getting Stuff Done

Stay motivated as you create a journal of your life that is unique to you. Life is like a playground, so make your to-do's fun! Enjoy the adventure!

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