Book Morning!

Book Morning!
Wake Up Story Alarm

Build a Strong Wake Routine with Stories

Let the Story Alarm Clock App accompany you to start a new day! A storytelling alarm app aimed at invigorating people in the morning for the day!

Book Morning!
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Wake Up Effortlessly with Waketime Stories

Book Morning! was designed to tackle the perpetual challenge of waking up on time. The app was created through a collaboration between SPARKFUL and Red Candle Games (makers of Devotion and Detention), with the goal of guiding people worldwide to better sleep-wake habits.

In Book Morning!, you are the assistant to Dr. Wakey, a friendly astronomer who will guide you to improve your sleep cycle. With Dr. Wakey, you'll discover exciting stories that will help you wake up on time every day.

Get Up to Read and Unlock a New Chapter

Wake Up Promptly to Unlock a New Chapter!

Dr. Wakey has curated an intriguing series of stories for you. If you get up on time in the morning, a new chapter of the story will be unlocked.

Beautiful Illustrations and Intriguing Tales

Every chapter takes you on a 5-minute interactive and immersive reading experience. These “waketime stories” are designed to get your brain working so that you won’t be tempted to fall back to sleep!

Various Illustrations of Story Content
Let the Story Alarm Clock Get you up

Gentle Calls from Dr. Wakey

Hear that familiar call from Dr. Wakey? Pleasant alarm tones and intriguing sound effects will definitely awaken your curiosity. Open the app promptly to enjoy the immersive stories and continue your streak!


Start your joyful journey with a fun morning routine and see where each story leads you

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Immersive & Fun Wake-Up Experience

Wonderful stories can motivate you to get up on time instead of hitting snooze yet again. Are you ready to start your new morning routine? Get started with Book Morning!

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