Super Bowl Food Hangover Tips: Monday Morning QB
Super Bowl Food Hangover Tips: Monday Morning QB

Super Bowl Food Hangover Tips: Monday Morning QB

Although this fact is obvious to most Americans, people who live outside the United States may be surprised to hear that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest annual events for gathering to eat, drink, and be merry. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has described Super Bowl Sunday as “the second highest day of food consumption in the U.S..” Whether participating for the food, the football, or the famous commercials, the day has something for everybody.

But after the game is over, many folks wake up the following day feeling like anything but a champion. Some revelers experience severe hangovers, while others are plagued with heartburn from the buffalo wings they couldn’t stop snacking on. If this is you, what’s your next play? Here are some next steps for when that Super Bowl party leaves you feeling like you got run over by the Budweiser Clydesdales:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The typical fare at a Super Bowl party is not exactly what anyone would define as healthy, even if the celery served with the wings is indeed a vegetable. Typical Super Bowl menus are full of sodium, spice, and fat, not to mention carbs and alcohol in the form of beer, beer, and beer. Whether you ate a super-sized bowl of chili with cheese or enough pigs in a blanket to fill a roster, it’s important to drink more water than usual to help you overcome the indigestion and acid reflux that often follow overindulgence in fatty, spicy foods.

Consume wisely

You still need to eat, even after a Super Bowl party during which you ate a week’s worth of calories, so don’t skip meals on Monday. Go easy, however, and focus on getting your digestion in good working order. You’ll need electrolytes so all that water you’re drinking won’t just go right through you, so consider a sports drink to replenish those electrolytes. Also try to eat some foods that are rich in potassium, as these are known to be helpful when you’ve overdone it on the sodium.

Toss out the leftovers

It’s okay to sideline your healthy habits and consciously overindulge on special occasions, but after Super Bowl Sunday is over, why treat Monday like the fifth quarter? Even though that 7-layer dip might still be tasty for a few days, it’s better to free yourself from the temptation of munching on it until it’s gone. If you feel guilty about tossing food that’s still edible, consider taking it to the office or offering it to a neighbor who would appreciate a treat.

Plan ahead

If you’re reading this before the big game, you have another major eating event coming up, or you’re already thinking about next year, remember that the best way to avoid getting sacked by your next Super Bowl party is to enjoy your treats in moderation. Make good choices when planning your menu or snacking at a friend’s party, and you’ll save yourself the curse of becoming your own Monday morning quarterback!

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