Embrace the End of Summer: 5 Wellness Tips to Welcome Fall
Embrace the End of Summer: 5 Wellness Tips to Welcome Fall

Embrace the End of Summer: 5 Wellness Tips to Welcome Fall

As Labor Day approaches, people are enthusiastically planning their long weekend with activities that entail soaking up the sun and spending quality time with friends and family. As joyful as celebrating Labor Day is, there's always an underlying feeling of apprehension as it also indicates the end of summer. We can either view this new season as the "end-of-the-summer-blues," or look at it as an opportunity to embrace change and welcome new adventures.

We at SPARKFUL prefer the latter, and we hope by sharing some wellness tips for summer's end, you do, too!


Add Immune-Boosting Practices to Your Routine

The end of the summer also means planning for school, changing wardrobes, preparing your home for a new season. This is the perfect opportunity to undergo a complete metamorphosis of healthy living. Schedule your annual doctor visits to ensure you are up to date on vaccines or find out if you have any vitamin deficiencies. Other immune-boosting practices you can begin to incorporate are daily walks, ensuring you get eight hours of sleep each night, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and of course, drinking enough water.

Take a Social Media Break

Social media plays a pivotal role in our lives. On one hand, it helps us remain connected with long-distance friends and family, cherish memories, and stay up-to-date on current events. On the other hand, it can become addictive and lead to overindulgence, poor mental health, and make us procrastinate important tasks. Taking a social media break will allow you to recoup and discover things about yourself you may not have otherwise.

Start a Summer's End Tradition

Labor Day is the perfect timing to gather friends and family for a sweet summer send-off. Make it a point for all the same people to attend each year, with an abundance of lively games and delicious foods. Another idea is to throw a bash on September 22nd--summer's official last day. Whether you host a make-shift beach party with blow-up pools and barbecues or create a vision board of all you want to accomplish for the next year. Year after year you can compare your boards and revel in all you've done.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Take this time to transition everything else in your life with the seasons and tidy up. If you have an especially clutter-filled house, keep in mind that recent research found that too much clutter limits your brain's ability to process information and makes you distracted. Simplifying your life eliminates stress, and allows you to breathe and recognize what's important. Ways you can declutter include:

  • Clearing out all of your closets and donating unused items.
  • Rearranging your home for more space.
  • Fixing minor issues around your home, like leaky faucets.
  • Cleaning your fridge from head to toe.
  • Making a point to build these tidying-up habits daily.

Create a Bucket List

Just because the days are shorter and the weather cools down, doesn't mean you have to remain cooped up at home. Whether it's a last-minute bucket list for end-of-the-summer adventures that you have yet to experience or a fall bucket list with new seasonal activities, they are a great way to plan out our goals.

Last minute summer bucket list ideas:

  • Throwing an ice cream social
  • Attend an outdoor concert
  • Have a picnic by the lake
  • Try a new salad or fruit recipe
  • Go to a county fair
  • Visit a botanical garden

Fall bucket list ideas:

  • Start a book club
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Take a leisurely bike ride
  • Bake cookies, apple pies, or banana bread
  • Host a bonfire at the beach, park, or backyard
  • Go on a road trip

Find Fun in the Ordinary with SPARKFUL

With a little joy, fun, and mindfulness, you can celebrate every day of the year just as much as Labor Day. Finding your daily routine and getting to know yourself is a whole lot easier when you have an application to help hold yourself accountable.

Our Plant Nanny app makes drinking water fun by displaying cute little plants that thrive when you do. There are also easily viewable charts, graphics, and more tools to help you analyze your water intake. Check out for additional habit-related articles that will keep that joyful spark in your life!

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