User Story: Staying Hydrated with Ease: Caroline's Path to Kidney Wellness
User Story: Staying Hydrated with Ease: Caroline's Path to Kidney Wellness

User Story: Staying Hydrated with Ease: Caroline's Path to Kidney Wellness

Caroline had a really painful kidney stone experience and didn't want it to happen again. Her doctor said drinking more water would help her kidneys, so she got the Plant Nanny app right after her surgery to track how much she drank. She ended up drinking way more, around 70-80 ounces a day. And because she liked gardening, growing virtual plants on the app became a fun way for her to remember to drink enough water every day.

Water is Life!

Caroline, who loves gardening and sewing and works as an engineer, started focusing on drinking more water when she was 24. This all began after she had a really painful kidney stone episode. Initially, she was completely puzzled and couldn't grasp the cause behind such symptoms.

Caroline stated,” I had heard of kidney stones before but never knew of the intense severe pain that came with them. I originally had no idea what causing the pain, but after spending several hours in the emergency room, I decided that I would do my best to prevent whatever it was from happening again.“

After a medical examination, Caroline was informed by her doctor that the first step in treating kidney stones was to "drink more water." Yes, it's a phrase we've almost heard too many times since childhood, but there is a close relationship between hydration and our overall health, especially when it comes to the kidneys.

The kidneys are responsible not only for filtering waste and excess fluids from the blood but also for maintaining crucial bodily balances, such as regulating blood pressure, balancing electrolytes, stimulating bone marrow for blood production and, more. During the filtration process, substances that cannot dissolve can crystallize, and when these crystals are small, they can be eliminated through urine.

However, when the body lacks sufficient hydration, the kidneys retain water, leading to reduced urination and darker urine. This environment can lead to the accumulation of crystals and the formation of kidney stones. When these stones become large enough, they can block the urinary tract, causing severe pain, and in severe cases, they can even damage kidney function. So, making sure you stay hydrated is the best way to stop problems. It helps you pee regularly and keeps kidney stones away. If your pee is clear and colorless, that's a good sign that you're drinking enough water.

Gardening Enthusiast Discovers Hydration Motivation

Caroline wanted to make sure she drank enough water, but being an engineer kept her pretty busy. Sometimes, she got so caught up in her work that she forgot to drink water. So, she thought about finding a tool to remind her. After looking at different apps, she found Plant Nanny. Since she loved taking care of plants, she thought it was cool how this app reminded her to drink water with the help of cute plant buddies.

Naturally, Plant Nanny ignited Caroline's love for plants. Through the gamified process of watering cute virtual plants, she successfully managed to maintain proper hydration levels. Not only did she start drinking more water, but she also felt really happy watching these cute virtual plants grow healthy on her phone. It made her feel proud and satisfied. This made her realize that staying hydrated could indeed be an ongoing "playful" endeavor.

Caroline also highlighted, “ I downloaded Plant Nanny so that I could start tracking my water intake and meet the daily goal. I went from drinking on average 36-48 oz a day to 70-80 oz a day.”

Turning 'Must Do' into 'Want to Do'

When you're really focused on reaching a goal quickly, you often end up making a bunch of tasks . Just as Caroline realized the importance of maintaining kidney health and turned hydration into a "must-do" task, it can become a mundane and seemingly endless routine if treated solely as a daily chore.

Introducing fun changes everything. Caroline, who encountered Plant Nanny through her gardening interest, found herself nurturing her hydration alongside adorable virtual plants. This transformed the "must-do" task of drinking water into an enjoyable aspect of life.

Sustaining healthy habits isn't difficult, nor is it a dull to-do item. Tell your friends nearby about this and suggest they have fun while staying hydrated.

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