User Story: Baby Brain No More: How Kelsey Stayed Hydrated for a Healthy Pregnancy
User Story: Baby Brain No More: How Kelsey Stayed Hydrated for a Healthy Pregnancy

User Story: Baby Brain No More: How Kelsey Stayed Hydrated for a Healthy Pregnancy

Kelsey is a full-time mom with a new baby on the way. Throughout her pregnancy, she has been determined to drink an adequate amount of water each day, as she knows hydration is crucial for both mother and baby. However, she has found it difficult at times to remember to drink throughout the day. That is, until she discovered Plant Nanny. With thoughtful reminders from her adorable plants, Kelsey is now able to reach her goal of eight glasses of water every day, taking care of her and her baby's health. What’s more, watching the growth stages of her virtual plants adds a delightful element to her hydration routine, injecting a bit of fun into her day during a period of great change.

Hydration Throughout the 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial period that requires much greater self-care than usual, and one part of that self-care is staying hydrated. For some, it’s hard to know how much water is enough due to the common misconception that severe water retention during pregnancy is caused by drinking too much water. On the contrary, inadequate water intake can in fact exacerbate water retention, negatively impact the metabolism, and impact the health of both parent and baby.

Sufficient water intake during pregnancy not only provides a stable supply of amniotic fluid and blood flow to the baby but also helps prevent dehydration-induced abdominal contractions and constipation. That’s why it’s important to increase your daily water consumption by roughly 8 to 10 ounces during pregnancy, on average. (Of course, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to accurately assess the specific water requirements for individual circumstances!)

Besides knowing how much to drink each day, actually remembering to drink that water can be another big challenge. Take Kelsey, for instance. As a mother with a new baby on the way, Kelsey noticed that despite her efforts to remember to drink more water, she would still frequently forget.

“ When I got pregnant I knew immediately that I needed to drink more water. Despite my efforts, I was always forgetting to drink enough water. “ Kelsey said.

A Friendly Nudge from Cute Plants: It's Time to Hydrate!

To help her remember to drink the water she and her growing baby needed, Kelsey downloaded Plant Nanny. She found the app's water reminders to be immensely helpful, especially with thoughtful and practical functions, including:

  • Customizable Water Intake Goals: The app suggests a baseline water intake based on weight and activity level, allowing manual adjustments to accommodate the recommended increase during pregnancy. As the weeks progress and weight increases throughout the pregnancy, it’s easy to adapt the goal to your changing hydration needs.

  • Personalized Reminder Settings: To prevent discomfort and morning sickness caused by consuming too much water at once, the app allows you to choose a custom reminder frequency, and allows flexible scheduling to align with your daily routine. For example, if you find yourself taking more afternoon naps due to pregnancy fatigue, the reminder times can be tailored accordingly.

  • An Eye-Catching Design: The adorable plants in Plant Nanny make the reminder notifications more attention-grabbing, so you’ll be less tempted to ignore them. With iOS Widgets and dynamic island features, your goals stay front and center, making it easier to track your progress at a glance.

“I am so happy that I found Plant Nanny because now I drink 8 cups each day with helpful reminders.” Kelsey said.

Virtual Plants Offer an Unexpected Mood Boost

As Kelsey nurtured her plant babies and witnessed their healthy growth into lush, beautiful flowers, she also experienced unexpected joy at watching her achievements come to life. Pregnancy can be a time of mixed emotions and anticipatory stress, and for Kelsey, tapping on her Plant Nanny plants to interact with them and hear their playful chatter brought a bit of calm and a smile to her day.

Kelsey: "I love watering my plants - it helps make drinking water fun!"

With the companionship of Plant Nanny, expectant mother Kelsey rediscovered the importance of staying hydrated and navigated through this significant phase of life smoothly. Do you know someone expecting a baby soon? Consider sharing this article with them so they can experience the benefits of joyful plants and effortless hydration, too!

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