User Story: From 0 to 72 Ounces: Rebecca’s 66-Day Office Hydration Challenge
User Story: From 0 to 72 Ounces: Rebecca’s 66-Day Office Hydration Challenge

User Story: From 0 to 72 Ounces: Rebecca’s 66-Day Office Hydration Challenge

Rebecca, known for her creative ways to motivate herself and others, initiated a 66-day hydration challenge in the office, aiming to improve her own and her colleagues' water-drinking habits for better health. With this positive goal in mind, she downloaded Plant Nanny to track her water intake. Halfway through the challenge, Rebecca successfully surpassed her goal of 72 ounces of water daily and noticed a decrease in headaches, as well as weight loss. Rebecca also acquired adorable plants that kept her motivated and happy throughout the challenge, and developed immense pride in her remarkable progress!

The 66-Day Challenge: A joyful journey to good health

Rebecca, an executive assistant, noticed that she and her colleagues were constantly consumed by work, leaving little energy to focus on health and fun in their lives. Determined to make a change, she searched for motivational methods and came across an expert's advice: "It takes 66 days to form a habit."

Inspired by this, Rebecca initiated a "66-Day Challenge" in her office to motivate herself and her colleagues to make whatever positive changes they wished to focus on. Rebecca’s personal goal was to improve her health, and she decided to focus on increasing her water intake. To track her progress and make the challenge more enjoyable, Rebecca downloaded Plant Nanny and embarked on the journey with a creative and fun approach.

“ Today, we are halfway through my journey, and I have lots of plant friends who keep me motivated every day. “ Rebecca said.

From Not Drinking Water to Daily Hydration

Rebecca used to be someone who only drank soda throughout the day. Her 66-day challenge was not merely to drink a little more water, nor was her focus on giving up other beverages. Rebecca knew she needed to set a high bar for herself, so she chose a goal with a high water intake.

“Mine was to get healthier, 72 oz. of water a day! Going from 0 to 72 oz. seemed to be pushing it. Day by day, I said, ‘I am going to do this!’” Rebecca said.

Despite the myth that willpower alone can help one stay committed, constantly having to convince yourself to maintain a habit is needlessly burdensome and stressful. External motivation can help! For Rebecca, having the companionship of Plant Nanny during the challenge shifted her focus away from the grind of reaching her target water intake, and kept her attention on the well-being of her virtual plants. The thought of not letting her adorable little plants become thirsty motivated her to replenish her water effortlessly.

“I find myself saying, ‘I can't let my plants die!’ So I then grab a bottle of water and start drinking. Here are my friends that I don't want to disappoint, so I continue to drink!” Rebecca said.

Adorable Plants Bring Joy to the Hydration Routine

Rebecca found motivation and joy in taking care of adorable plants. She was excited when, by consistently hydrating herself, she finally acquired her favorite rose. The newly cultivated plants became rewards for her hard work, inspiring her to continue on her hydration journey.

“After much watering and nurturing, I finally got her! Meet Rosy! She will blossom into a beautiful rose. Even on the hard days when I think I am going to give up, I look at all that I have accomplished in such a short time and tell myself, ‘Keep going!‘” Rebecca said.

In addition to gaining plant companions, Rebecca also experienced notable health benefits that came with regular hydration. She no longer suffered from dizziness and headaches caused by dehydration, and her weight gradually decreased. Rebecca mentioned that she didn't expect to see so many positive changes in herself and her colleagues at just halfway through the 66-day challenge, solidifying her belief that joy can truly bring about change.

Have you tried a 66-day challenge? Are you considering starting one after hearing about Rebecca’s success? Share this article and invite your colleagues to embark on an enjoyable hydration journey together!

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