Habits in the Year of the Rabbit: A habit-building series
Habits in the Year of the Rabbit: A habit-building series

Habits in the Year of the Rabbit: A habit-building series

We’re a full month into 2023, so we’ve gotta ask: How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?

If the above question caused you to hang your head in shame, you’re not alone! In fact, an oft-cited study about New Year’s resolutions by authors J. C. Norcross and D. J. Vangarelli found that 77% of the participants they studied stuck to their resolutions for only one week. The researchers pointed to several factors that made certain participants more successful, such as willpower and stimulus control.

However, Dr. Amanda Rebar of Queensland University has some insights that can help us stop relying on our limited reserves of self control. In a talk with WIRED, she indicates that, in order to succeed in a resolutions, it’s necessary to:

  • focus on the behavior rather than the outcome
  • make the resolution fit within your life
  • find a way to make it satisfying, fun, or easy (ideally all three!) In other words, don’t think of your resolution as a pass/fail goal. Reframe it as a habit that is achievable, enjoyable, and lasting!

The Lunar New Year brings a second chance

Fortunately, although January 1st is now long gone, the Year of the Rabbit has only just begun. Even if you don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year in your culture, you can still look at the rolling over of the lunar calendar as another chance for new beginnings in 2023.

To be frank, it doesn’t matter when you begin a new habit, as long as you start it with the right mindset. That’s why you’ll want to stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share our top habit-building tips for:

  • Drinking water like an expert hydrator
  • Waking up earlier and maintaining a regular sleep routine
  • Sitting less and walking more
  • Managing your money better with expense tracking

We’ll be releasing this special series, and can’t wait to kick off some new habits with you!

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