7 Wildly Effective Ways to Make Drinking Water Fun & Easy
7 Wildly Effective Ways to Make Drinking Water Fun & Easy

7 Wildly Effective Ways to Make Drinking Water Fun & Easy

Regarding drinking water, if you’ve ever said “I really should drink more water” and felt guilty later because you didn’t follow through, we’re here to help! It can be hard to choose boring old waaaaater when there are so many sugary or caffeinated drinks to fill the day with. Before you give up on building a sustainable water-drinking habit, give these methods a try and you’ll be hydrated in no time.

1. Go clear – when choosing a bottle

Insulated bottles are sleek and cool, but there’s just one problem: your water is out of sight, and that means it’s also probably out of mind. When you’re choosing a water bottle, don’t just look at the colors or the cute slogans printed on the outside. Instead, prioritize bottles that are clear so that you can see the water level inside, like a Nalgene or a simple mason jar. When it’s almost noon and you see that your bottle is still 80% full, you’re more likely to remember to take a sip!

2. Keep it within reach

Starting from today, promise yourself that you’ll always keep a bottle of water as close to you as you keep your phone. Whether you're sitting at your desk or lounging on the sofa, eventually you’ll start to feel something’s missing from your environment when you don’t have water nearby.

3. Don’t leave home without it

If you always have your water bottle ready to go when you leave home, you’ll be less tempted to pop into a convenience store or cafe for a drink. Not only is carrying your own water bottle a surefire way to make healthier choices when you’re out, but it’s also better for our planet!

4. Just add fruit (or something green!)

Not a fan of the taste of plain water? Toss in some slices of lemon or lime, a sprig of herbs, or some fresh berries. Even frozen berries work well for this, and they can function as ice cubes, too! And if you find it burdensome to naturally flavor your water while you’re on the go all day, keep some packets of True Lime or another flavor in your wallet so you’ll always have something to make your water more tasty.

5. Make it sparkle

Another way to switch things up and make water a little more exciting is to get yourself a SodaStream or other sparkling water device. They’re fairly inexpensive compared to buying canned or bottled sparkling water, and when you add some fruit to your glass, you’ve got a delightfully refreshing beverage!

6. Challenge your friends and family

You don’t have to go it alone. We all ought to be drinking more water, and most of us just haven’t found methods that help us succeed. Ask your friends, classmates, colleagues, and family members to do a 30-day water drinking challenge with you, either just for fun or even for a special prize. For example, have each person contribute a small amount of money at the beginning of the challenge, set some rules for measuring results, and let the top water drinker choose a charity to donate the prize money to.

7. Keep track of your water drinking

Last but not least, pay attention to your water intake! No matter what methods you try to increase your water consumption, it’s important to track how much you’re actually drinking. You might feel like you’re getting enough water right now and then realize that most of the beverages you’re drinking are full of caffeine or sugar.

Next step: Pick one to get started!

There's no day like today to get started on your journey to better hydration. Which of the above ways to drink more water appeals to you most? Pick your favorite, and commit to trying it before you go to bed tonight (though you may want to read about morning bathroom urgency first!). And remember to bookmark this list for the next time you need inspiration for drinking more water!

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