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Form Tiny Habits with Apps to Achieve Your Goals and Embrace 2022 Calmly

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You are in the last season of 2021. Do you still remember the goals you set early this year? Maybe you are upset because you have only achieved 1/3 of the goals so far due to the stay-at-home measures during COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, you can achieve several small milestones within a short period of 2-3 months. We would like to help you break seemingly impossible goals into small tiny tasks that can be put into practice every day. Follow the 3 steps and our favorite apps to make the tasks fun and simple.

Increase probability of achievement with 3 rules of goal setting

You might have experienced this before: you set a goal early in the year but soon give up trying, which makes you feel guilty. Don’t push yourself too hard. Take it slowly. Adjust your goal setting approach to increase the probability of achievement

1. Break big goals into specific tiny tasks

Try to break down your goals into simple routines. For example, revise the goal of “do more exercise” to “get off the bus one stop early and walk home” or “get off the elevator one floor early and walk to your destination” to make your brain think “this is easy”. Use tiny tasks to push yourself towards big goals.

2. Set a deadline

Setting a deadline enables you to identify the priority of each goal. With this in mind, our app “To-Do Adventure” allows users to set a deadline for each goal (such as 3, 7, or 14 days) when making plans and then decide their next moves by reviewing finished/unfinished tasks.

▲ Setting a deadline enables us to focus on the tasks in the present moment.

3. Identify your real goals

Adequate pressure helps you to enhance yourself, but your efforts should not be confined to easing anxiety caused by pressure. Gaining satisfaction or inspiration can also be meaningful goals.

Calm your mind and mull over your goals with the help of the app “Focus Traveller”, a timer that combines traveler experience to keep track of your flow. Once you set the goals and focus on the tasks, the traveler in the app will start his mountain journey. The vastness of the art design and pleasant sounds will keep you company as you make your plans. In the same time,  using the app “To-Do Adventure” to manage tiny tasks and improve 1% every day.

Form tiny habits right away with 3 tips and apps

After creating tiny tasks, use the following 3 tips and apps to improve your execution capabilities and form tiny habits, paving the way for 2022!

1. Find anchor moments

Dr. BJ Fogg, known for his research on habit formation, suggests people find an anchor moment before building a new habit. That is, use an existing routine or event to remind you to do a new behavior.

For example, by breaking down the goal of “finish reading 10 books in 3 months” into “read 10 minutes while commuting”. Commuting becomes the anchor moment to remind you to read.

The book summary app “Sparksine” summarizes the highlights of a book selected by a professional team to help readers capture the essence of the book in 15 minutes.

2. Make your tasks anticipative

Making tasks fun can reduce the sense of deprivation. What we try to get across is that fun and pleasure is the motivation for developing good habits. 

Sleep is essential to physical and mental health, so make sure you put “take a good rest” in the to-do list. “Loóna” is an app that helps you relax before going to bed. The interactive storytelling in the form of Sleepscapes creates a relaxing atmosphere where you can expect a good night sleep.

3. Celebrate as soon as tasks are completed

Reward yourself as soon as you complete a task. When the brain receives a reward, it will be more willing to change behavior. Use the water reminder app “Plant Nanny²” to grow plants while turning drinking water into a habit.

This year, “Plant Nanny” added a new subscription function called “daily drinking plan” to help users manage their daily water drinking missions more easily. 14 new plants such as cream sunflower seeds and stone lotus flowers are also added to the app. These cute plants and their interactions with individuals are the ultimate soothing rewards for completing a task!

If you want to save money, use our app “Fortune City” to record your spending. Every record is transformed into a building. Just record your expenses and your city will flourish into a unique and beautiful place. 

We also designed many surprises for encouragement purposes such as mails from City Council members Cashy the Cat and the Fisher. This app makes bookkeeping more interesting. 

We are used to setting big goals and forgetting to live in the moment. Recording is an indispensable part of the moment.

Use the digital diary “MOODA” to record your moods with photos and cute emojis every day. Adjust your plans by reviewing and reflecting on your days so you can achieve your next goals successfully.

How do you want to achieve your goals in the last season of 2021? Feel free to share with us!

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