User Story: The Freshman 40? Jassy Builds a Healthier College Lifestyle
User Story: The Freshman 40? Jassy Builds a Healthier College Lifestyle

User Story: The Freshman 40? Jassy Builds a Healthier College Lifestyle

Due to unhealthy habits such as frequent dining out and a sedentary lifestyle, Jassy was unhappy with the 40 pounds she gained after starting college. While investigating ways to take the weight back off, she realized the importance of staying hydrated. Therefore, Jassy decided to use the Plant Nanny app to motivate herself to drink water and track her water intake. The mechanism of nurturing cute plants through water consumption had a significant impact on her. She followed the water reminders, gradually increasing her daily water intake to meet her recommended goals. Thanks to better hydration, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, she’s successfully shed 15 pounds so far, and is motivated to keep going.

Self-Discipline Could Use a Boost

As a college student, Jassy found that university life came with a more flexible schedule than she was used to. With the newfound freedom of unscheduled hours, she indulged in leisure activities, such as watching TV and playing video games. She also became reliant on takeout meals, and gradually put on weight, something that hadn’t previously been an issue for her.

Eventually, Jassy realized that the lack of a rigid schedule was leading her to fill her time with activities that were enjoyable in the short-term, but harmful to her health and happiness in the long-term. Determined to avoid the health consequences of weight gain, she researched weight loss methods and discovered the importance of building and consistently keeping healthy habits, including making healthy food choices, exercising regularly, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, and drinking more water.

Hydration Makes It Easier to Manage Weight

As she started to make changes in her lifestyle, Jassy came to understand the crucial role of water and decided to download the water reminder app Plant Nanny to assist her on her journey. In addition to aiding in bodily functions and metabolism, staying hydrated has several benefits during the process of weight loss or fat reduction. Good hydration:

  1. Increases calorie burning
  2. Helps avoid the consumption of sugary and high-calorie beverages
  3. Acts as a natural appetite suppressant, curbing cravings
  4. Replenishes lost fluids during exercise, preventing dehydration

“Hydration, in combination with exercise and eating, has allowed me to lose 15 pounds!” Jassy said.

Adding Fun Helps Outsource the Discipline

Good health requires a whole lot more self-discipline than most of us have available, and purely relying on personal willpower is unsustainable in the long run. That’s why it helps to outsource your self-discipline needs to modern tools, reducing your need to remember or convince yourself to maintain healthy habits. For instance, drinking water can be more fun with a few tweaks, and an app like Plant Nanny can keep the fun going indefinitely.

For Jassy, the plant nurturing mechanism in Plant Nanny has been a great motivator for her, eliminating the need for constant reminders. Even better, the cute plants make her less likely to ignore the reminders because she doesn't feel pressured by the notifications. Instead, she looks forward to the moment of watering her virtual plants after taking a sip. The joyful reactions of her plants being watered really uplift her mood.

Seeing the daily and weekly tallies of her water consumption also makes her feel like a winner! Reaching her daily water intake goals rewards her with adorable plant companions in her virtual greenhouse, bringing her achievements to life and fueling her motivation to continue.

Jassy wants others to benefit from what she’s learned: that finding enjoyable ways to maintain healthy habits can make it a lot easier to achieve health goals. She’s shared her story so that others can discover how fun can fuel willpower. Won’t you share her story as well?

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