User Story: New Mom Marie Stays Hydrated to Help Shed Baby Weight
User Story: New Mom Marie Stays Hydrated to Help Shed Baby Weight

User Story: New Mom Marie Stays Hydrated to Help Shed Baby Weight

Marie is a new mom who is also a student and a home health aide. She strives to maintain healthy habits amidst the busy demands of her family and work life. After testing out other water reminder tools, Plant Nanny became her favorite hydration companion. Cultivating a virtual plant reminds her to meet her hydration goals, which has in turn helped her shed 5 pounds so far. That’s because adequate hydration helps control cravings, boosts metabolism, and aids digestion. Moreover, the adorable plants in Plant Nanny thrive and grow as she drinks more water, bringing her joy, a sense of progress, and the motivation to continue on her journey.

New motherhood highlights personal health needs

We’re all taught to understand that it’s important to take care of our health, but many of us don’t take our personal health very seriously until we grow a little older or experience a shift in our identities or lifestyles. Marie knows this from personal experience.

As a new mother, Marie began to understand that taking care of her own health was crucial to the health and happiness of her child and family. While she had always tried to take care of herself as both a student and home health aide, motherhood added a new dimension to her need for self-care. With her combined responsibilities as a student, employee, and parent, she started to recognize she was struggling to drink enough water. Like many busy moms, it was just too difficult to keep on top of her water intake.

To solve this problem, Marie tried downloading various health tracking apps. Among the many water reminder tools, Plant Nanny stood out as the one that truly motivated her to drink more water:

“ I checked out many apps, and this one beats them all. Not only does Plant Nanny help remind me to drink water, but it rewards me with new plants for staying hydrated. I’m motivated to keep drinking more to see them grow!” Marie said.

Plant Nanny does more than just remind you to drink at a certain time. It goes beyond that by incorporating an engaging plant-nurturing design. This design instilled a sense of responsibility in Marie, akin to caring for a baby or a pet. By caring for her plants, she experienced a sense of accomplishment as her plants grew, in addition to the satisfaction that she was caring for her health.

Good hydration helps maintain a healthy weight

New mothers report lots of changes in their bodies post-pregnancy, and many folks who have given birth hope to regain their pre-baby body shape and weight as soon as possible. Lots of advice focuses on maintaining a deficit between calorie intake and calorie expenditure. What’s usually missing from this advice is how hydration can aid in maintaining that deficit:

  • Reduced calorie intake: Adequate hydration helps suppress hunger pangs, preventing excess calorie consumption due to cravings.
  • Increased calorie expenditure: Replenishing lost fluids from physical activity prevents discomfort caused by dehydration and increases stamina and muscle growth.

Marie said: “I know for me when I am dehydrated I get fatigued, cranky, unmotivated, and hungry. Sometimes dehydration masks itself as hunger. That’s why I try to drink a glass of water before I eat as well!”

Since giving birth, Marie has worked to manage what she eats, exercise regularly, and drink more water with the help of Plant Nanny. With these habits, she’s happy to share that that she has already shed some weight and feels healthier all around.

Marie said: “Plant Nanny helped me gain a healthier lifestyle! Since I’ve been drinking only water (along with proper diet and exercise), I’ve lost 5 lbs. so far! I feel better when I’m hydrated and don’t get headaches as much anymore.”

Balancing family life with fun

Since Marie learned to make drinking water an enjoyable habit, maintaining hydration has become effortless. The adorable plants and intricate design of Plant Nanny make it engaging for both adults and children, so it has even inspired her family members to join in the fun. They ask each other if they have their water ready before embarking on their fitness activities, and keep up with each other's progress, comparing their newest plants and greenhouse gardens.

Marie also carries a water bottle when she takes her son out to play and ensures that he replenishes his water:

“As spring approaches and the weather starts getting warmer I can take my son out to the park on days I’m not working! More activity means definitely staying hydrated! I always have my water bottle with me as well as a sippy cup of water for Eirik! Plant Nanny definitely helps us stay on track as well as reminds us to drink water.” Marie said.

Plant Nanny has helped new mom Marie to take better of herself and her family. Has it helped you as well? Don’t forget to share this article with the fantastic busy parents in your life, and let them know that staying hydrating can be fun and sustainable with the right companion!

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