User Story: How Hydration Aids Michelle's Postoperative Care
User Story: How Hydration Aids Michelle's Postoperative Care

User Story: How Hydration Aids Michelle's Postoperative Care

Michelle often experiences headaches and fatigue due to dehydration. But when the dry eyes symptoms she felt triggered the doctor to decline her request for LASIK surgery, she knew she had to act. While many methods failed, the Plant Nanny app changed everything, helping her maintain hydration and improve overall health.

Overlooked Daily Dehydration

Michelle is a busy young mother leading a fulfilling life. Apart from caring for her three children and managing the household, she is also passionate about crafting hobbies. In mid-May, she embarked on her fitness journey to stay in shape and boost her health.

However, whether she is occupied with household chores, tending to her children's needs, or engrossed in her beloved crafting and weaving activities, she often neglects drinking water. This oversight results in headaches and easy fatigue even though she’s aware of the consequences of dehydration.

Michelle struggled to improve her hydration habits as she juggled many responsibilities and pursuits. Whenever she feels thirsty, she would unintentionally postpone drinking water due to her busy schedule.

Michellee: ” All my life, I've struggled to drink water. I've dealt with headaches, fatigue, and even reduced blood circulation due to dehydration. I just could not get enough water in my body.”

Stay Hydrated, Take Care of Your Eyes

Michelle had long overlooked the importance of hydration. The real turning point came when her eagerly anticipated LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) initially declined.

Michelle: “The real moment that really shook me about my water intake was when I went to get LASIK. I had saved for years to get the operation done, and when I finally raised the money, I was informed that my eyes were too dry to get operated.”

Michelle successfully underwent LASIK surgery after restoring her body’s water balance for optimal eye moisture and stable tear secretion. However, to prevent the common post-operative condition of chronic dry eye, her doctor emphasized the need to stay hydrated to maintain proper eye care.

In this digital age, especially with the prolonged focus on screens and extended work hours, the unconscious reduction in blink rate can lead to increased eye dryness and fatigue. This risk is even higher for vulnerable post-surgery eyes, especially when there’s inadequate hydration.

To improve her eye care, Michelle tried various methods to enhance her hydration habits, but none seemed to work. Eventually, she discovered an innovative solution to her hydration challenge!

“The hard thing now was that to prevent me from getting chronic dry eye after the surgery, I had to keep drinking water. I tried timers and flavoring and motivational bottles, but nothing worked. Finally, I saw the app ‘Plant Nanny,’ and I was hooked! “Michelle said.

Hydration Hero: The Water Intake Game-Changer

Michelle was captivated by Plant Nanny from the start. Being a plant enthusiast with a rich collection of 20 different indoor plants at home, her fondness for all things green and blooming led her to delight in the diverse range of plants she could cultivate on her phone.

She was pleasantly surprised by the app's design philosophy, which conveyed that "caring for plants is similar to caring for oneself." Just as every drop and every cup of water keeps her healthy, it reminds her that plants need hydration to flourish and thrive. Conversely, a lack of hydration, whether for plants or herself, leads to health breakdown.

While Michelle was charmed by the app's delightful plants, Plant Nanny's practical features truly empowered her to maintain consistent hydration.

Stress-Free Hydration Reminders

Plant Nanny includes timed reminders as a hydration reminder app, but its feature is remarkably flexible. Users can easily select their preferred reminder intervals. For instance, you can choose a two-hour break, excluding sleeping hours. However, if you’re looking for a closer alignment with your daily routines, you can set personalized reminder times. These can be before meals or before and after workouts for a tailored hydration rhythm.

Rewarding Plant Cultivation Experience

Michelle particularly enjoyed the cute sound effects of the plants, as they added a delightful surprise to each new planting. As she continued to drink water, witnessing the gradual growth and transformation of her virtual plants became an engaging experience. The process of nurturing plants alongside her own hydration journey provided her with a profound sense of accomplishment, offering endless enjoyment in staying hydrated.

Whether taking care of her family or immersing herself in her crafting and weaving creations, the new t Michelle was able to replenish her water intake timely while caring for her eye against dryness. This also boosted her health as she experienced lower headaches and fatigue due to hydration.

Michellee: “ Thankfully, I found the app Plant Nanny because now drinking water has been so much fun and so much better for my health.”

Are you feeling a bit dry in the eyes at this moment? Slightly strained? It's time to grab a glass of water and stay hydrated. Close your eyes, and take a moment to rest.

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