User Story: Athlete Learns Not to Wing It with Water
User Story: Athlete Learns Not to Wing It with Water

User Story: Athlete Learns Not to Wing It with Water

An active and sporty sort, Mr_Green2178 aims to achieve his personal goal of building an impressive physique, and has come to understand the importance of sufficient hydration for muscle growth. To aid his cause, he downloaded the Plant Nanny app, which provides reminders and tracking functions to help him stay hydrated and avoid dehydration.

In addition to supporting his physical exercise, Mr_Green2178 has also noticed other benefits from maintaining proper hydration, such as improved skin health and fewer headaches, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle and motivating him to continue improving.

Your Muscles: “We need water!”

Staying hydrated during exercise is essential, given that the human body is made up of 60-70% water, and the body loses water through sweat while exercising. Without timely replenishment, dehydration can quickly occur, especially in high-temperature environments. Once dehydration sets in, you can experience cramps, dizziness, and negative impacts on your exercise performance.

What’s more, water is crucial for healthy muscle growth. Water plays a key role in protein synthesis, and a lack of water can slow muscle growth. You also need water to transport nutrients to the muscles and clear waste, which promotes muscle repair and recovery from fatigue.

For Mr_Green2178, a big fan of volleyball and weightlifting, the need for good hydration is clear. The way he tells it, he has a high level of daily physical activity, and therefore often feels thirsty and even dehydrated. To address these problems, he downloaded Plant Nanny so he could keep up his water intake and build muscle more efficiently.

Mr_Green2178: ”I'm trying to build a body that I am proud of and I think this app will help me get to that goal.”

Your Plants: “Drink water before, during, and after exercise!”

Right after a workout, sweat and thirst are there to remind us to drink water, but we often overlook the fact that we also need to hydrate before and during exercise. It is recommended to slowly consume 16 to 20 ounces (500-600 mL) of water 2 hours before exercise, and to sip 7 to 10 ounces (200-300 mL) of water every 10-20 minutes during a workout.

Plant Nanny has a personalized reminder function to get you drinking water regularly, not all at once. This allows sports enthusiasts like Mr_Green2178 to customize their exact water drinking times to match up to their exercise routines. For example, if he plans to perform routine weightlifting training at 10 am, he can set a water drinking reminder for 8 am every day, and his plant will nudge him to get hydrating. By setting up these reminders, he can drink enough water before exercise and keep up with his hydration needs.

“This app has inspired me to be healthier since I can now control what I am drinking without just winging it, probably should do the same with my workouts.” Mr_Green2178 said.

Bonus: Even more rewards for the habit of drinking water

Mr_Green2178 chose to incorporate Plant Nanny into his daily exercise routine and was able to improve his athletic performance by maintaining the habit of drinking water consistently. He also noticed that his overall health improved thanks to adequate hydration. Prior to using the app, he said that his face was always a bit dry and lined, and he experienced severe acne and sunken eyes. But now, his skin has become clearer and more refreshed, his joints feel looser, and he encounters fewer headaches.

“ Thanks, Plant Nanny, you made me healthier. Kudos to the developers of this game.” Mr_Green2178 said.

Whether it's for improving exercise performance or enhancing overall health, remembering to keep hydrated by drinking more water throughout the day will never disappoint. Were you inspired by Mr_Green2178? If you or your circle of friends are working hard to achieve your personal fitness goals, do everyone a favor and share this story with them with a reminder to make water a priority!

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