Stay Healthy and Energized: Your Summer Wellness Guide
Stay Healthy and Energized: Your Summer Wellness Guide

Stay Healthy and Energized: Your Summer Wellness Guide

As the warm summer season welcomes us, it’s the perfect time to bask in the sun and fully immerse in outdoor activities. Summer is the season for barbecues, beach getaways, and open-air festivals. However, amidst these delights, the escalating temperatures can usher in potential health risks. Therefore, it's essential to equip ourselves with key wellness tips for a safe and joyous summer experience.

1. Heat-Related Illnesses: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 600 Americans succumb to extreme heat every year? Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration can strain your body significantly.

Fortunately, prevention is within your grasp. Familiarizing yourself with symptoms like dizziness, nausea, headaches, and a rapid heartbeat is vital, indicating the need to cool down and hydrate. Aim to minimize exposure to the heat during peak hours (typically between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.), apply sunscreen diligently, and make sure to take regular breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas.

🌺 Summer, with all its vibrancy, is my favorite time to revel in outdoor activities, from visiting museums to taking long walks with my dog. However, with the temperatures soaring, the risk of dehydration or a heat stroke increases. I make it a point to stay hydrated, even keeping fruits that contribute to my daily water intake. But remembering to drink water isn't always easy. That's why I use the Plant Nanny app. It sends me reminders to drink water, making hydration fun with adorable plants that I water as I track my daily water intake. - @butterfliesandchangingtides, user of Plant Nanny

2. Stay Hydrated: Your Body’s Cooling System

Hydration is another essential aspect of summer wellness. On a hot day, you might lose up to 1.5 liters of sweat per hour during intensive activities, according to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Your body needs more water when temperatures rise, so ensure you're drinking enough throughout the day. Our trusty good friend, H2O, plays a key role in regulating body temperature and keeping us hydrated. You can also make hydration exciting by adding fresh fruits like watermelon and cucumber, or try infused water, iced herbal tea, or coconut water.

📷 As a freelance photographer I often take long strolls. I enjoy being in the great outdoors, getting active, and inspiration comes from all things in life as of late I've found staying hydrated can sometimes be difficult at times not drinking enough stops me from getting out this summer. That's until I found @plantnanny_us which is an amazing app. The water intake tracks my daily , weekly, and monthly water intake and helps me stay hydrated while making amazing new habits. - @apahgeformyplants, user of Plant Nanny

3. Choose the Right Attire: Your Sun-Proof Summer Fashion Guide

The right clothing can make a difference. Opt for light-colored, lightweight, and loose-fitting clothes to reflect sunlight and speed up sweat evaporation, helping you stay cool. Sports hats and sunglasses protect from UV rays, while breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking clothes add comfort. When choosing your summer wardrobe, consider materials. Natural fibers like cotton absorb sweat and aid evaporation, while UPF-rated clothing adds protection against harmful UV rays.

4. Plan Activities in Cooler Times

Plan your activities wisely. Mornings and late afternoons are cooler than midday. Save strenuous activities like hiking or biking for these times to avoid peak sun intensity. Don’t forget to enjoy the summer nights as well. Evening walks or late-night beach outings offer a refreshing change from daytime heat, enveloping you in the tranquil beauty of summer nights.

Make Wellness Your Summer Celebration

Summer is a fantastic time to celebrate and participate in outdoor activities. Please remember, the joy of summer shouldn't compromise your wellbeing. Enjoy responsibly, prioritize your health, and cherish every moment of the radiant, warm days ahead. Here's to a wonderful summer! 😎

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