User Story: Dehydration No More! Ballet Dancer Megan Pursues Dreams
User Story: Dehydration No More! Ballet Dancer Megan Pursues Dreams

User Story: Dehydration No More! Ballet Dancer Megan Pursues Dreams

The Struggles of a Dedicated Ballet Dancer

Megan is a serious and passionate dancer who spends about 30 hours a week practicing ballet. Her intense level of activity consumes a lot of energy, and until recently, she has neglected the importance of replenishing water during periods of physical exertion. She used to think that if she wasn’t particularly thirsty, it wasn’t a big deal to practice for long hours without drinking water.

Eventually, Megan began to notice that she was frequently experiencing physical problems, and she became concerned that these issues could impact not only her daily life, but also her beloved dance.

Megan: ”What I didn’t realize at the time, was that dehydration was the reason I was getting super bad headaches. Not to mention I was fainting on a weekly basis. It got so bad that I was missing out on things I loved out of fear that I would faint or get a headache halfway through and have to leave.”

After seeing a doctor, Megan finally understood that the source of her problems was dehydration. It was a relief to know that the problem was seemingly simple to resolve. However, even after recognizing that she needed to drink more water, she couldn't find a way to keep hydrated that worked for her. She first tried some basic water tracking apps to monitor her water intake, but she just couldn’t remember or stay motivated to drink throughout the day. She would end up gulping down three bottles of water right before bed just to reach her daily intake goal. But while chugging water before bed is a great way to disrupt sleep, it’s not an effective way to keep hydrated.

*It is difficult to master the rhythm of drinking water, however, chugging may cause some potential problems…)

A Truly Heartwarming Water Reminder

After months of effort using ineffective water tracking apps, Megan knew that her problem was not really solved.

One day, a bestie recommended Plant Nanny to her, and Megan practically fell in love with it upon seeing it on her friend’s screen because it displayed her favorite plant - a mushroom! She had to download immediately.

Compared to other water tracker apps that had “persistent but boring" reminders that were the same every day, Plant Nanny used a gamified mechanism of taking care of plants that made her naturally remember to water her little cuties and, in turn, reminded her to drink water. It made it easy for her to accurately record her daily water intake and remember to actually drink it.

Additionally, the interesting plant chatter with distinct personalities in Plant Nanny made Megan pay greater attention to the hydration reminders she received. Being more engaged with the app helped her to adjust her water drinking pace and to no longer hastily chug water at night.

“It truly did change my life. Since finding Plant Nanny, I haven’t fainted once and my headaches have been limited. Not to mention, because I have been drinking the right amount of water for my body, I have been a happier person!” Megan said.

A Fun Way to Stay Healthy and Happy

Playful by nature, Megan was delighted to discover an effective water-drinking companion in Plant Nanny. Using the simple mechanism of the game and immersing herself in its fun design, she successfully maintained her hydration levels and reduced her headaches and dizziness. Finally, she was able to conduct her intense daily dance practice without health worries.(Further reading: The relationship between hydration and sports performance)

For Megan, Plant Nanny also became a fun way for her to connect with her friends. “My plants have also become a bonding mechanism between me and my friends! Every day we send each other updates on our plants and new greenhouses!“

Now, Plant Nanny is one of her favorite applications, and she’s grateful to the little plants for making her dance dreams, friendships, and life in general healthier and happier!

Megan worked hard to maintain her health and pursue her dreams, and we’re sure that her story can be an inspiration to you, as well as your friends and loved ones who need a nudge in the right direction. Be sure to share Megan’s story with them to remind them that good hydration is a cornerstone of good health, and that building good water drinking habits can be as easy as watering a beloved plant!

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