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For People Not Fond of Drinking Water (Like You): Get into the Habit of Stay Hydrated with Fourdesire

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Read time: about the time it takes to drink a glass of 300ml of water. 

Put a glass of water beside you while reading.  Let’s learn how to get into the habit of drinking water (watch out for the hidden scene in the end!).

Water is essential to keeping the human body functioning properly, but many people just don’t like drinking water. To make drinking water fun is our original intention when developing the app “Plant Nanny”. By recording the amount of water you drink which helps the virtual plants in your app grow, you will be motivated to make drinking water a habit. According to the latest statistics this year, “Plant Nanny” users worldwide have drunk 1.28 billion glasses of water so far.

We constantly receive interesting user stories. A user who is studying at a law school says “Plant Nanny” always reminds him to drink enough water in a timely manner due to his busy schedule. Another user decided to recommend this app to her grandma so they can share each other’s cute plants.

To be honest, not everyone in Fourdesire likes to drink water, too. This time, we want to share the true experience of our team members (who dislike drinking water lol) regarding how they changed their thoughts and enhanced their motivation to achieve the goal of staying hydrated.

Tip 1: Find out how much water you need to drink first

To find out how much water you need, simply multiply your weight in kilograms by 30-40ml. Or in “Plant Nanny 2”, you can also enter your weight and daily physical activity content to find out how much water you need within a day!

Plant Nanny²: Find out how much water you need to drink first

Our internal survey finds that 80% of our coworkers are too busy to grab a glass of water. There are many factors preventing people from getting into the habit of drinking water. Let’s share some common barriers and solutions based on our experience to help you make drinking water a habit!

Tip 2: Overcome the mental barriers to drinking water

Barrier 1: I don’t like the taste of water

Besides putting a slice of fruit in the water to give it some flavor, some of our coworkers drink water out of the coffee cup after they drink up the coffee so the water gets a hint of coffee flavor. Some coworkers like to put ice in the water to motivate themselves to drink up the water before it gets warm. This method enables them to drink more water than expected.

Barrier 2: I can’t quit drinking beverages

Don’t force yourself to quit drinking beverages. Try to strike a balance between drinking water and beverages instead. Try our colleagues’ method: reward yourself with a drink when you drink the required amount of water. This could be helpful to connect drinking water with the sense of happiness.

Or try to buy a sustainable straw and create the atmosphere for drinking. By playing small tricks on the brain, you can reduce resistance to drinking water!

Beverages or drinks containing caffeine can reduce blood flow. The more you drink, the sleepier you might get. So, drink some water 2 hours after the meal to refresh yourself in a healthy way. Drink beverages only when you need to nurture your soul!

Barrier 3: I’m too busy to drink water

Using a visual reminder is a great way for people like you who constantly forget to drink water due to a hectic lifestyle. Put a glass of water on the desk or by the computer. One of our coworkers says the straw she uses is at the same height as the computer screen so she can look at the screen while drinking water without interrupting his work.

Many of our colleagues drink water only when their back hurts from sitting for too long, so they need to take a walk and grab a glass of water. Drinking water is a good way to get them out of the chair to relax and stretch body.

An experiment conducted by the University of East London in the UK discovers that drinking water when feeling thirsty can boost the brain's performance by 14%. When you find it difficult to concentrate in the afternoon, drink some water to regain focus. Set up “Plant Nanny” right away to remind you to drink water. Stay hydrated while growing lovely plants to heal your body and soul.

Tip 3: Make your small wishes come true by drinking more water

Understanding the benefits of drinking water thoroughly can encourage you to drink more water!

1. Maintain your skin in good conditions

Drinking some water 2 to 3 hours before going to bed can prevent blood from thickening due to dehydration during sleep. It also boosts your metabolism, helping you get your beauty sleep.

2. Keep your breath fresh

Dry mouth is a common cause of bad breath. Drinking water every 30 to 60 minutes can keep the mouth hydrated and reduce mouth odor.

3. Stay calm

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dehydration constantly leads to anxiety. Drink a glass of water slowly at the end of every workday and turn this routine into a ritual to help you relax and stay calm.

4. Boost exercise performance

Sweating during exercise makes your body crave for water. Drink water constantly before, during, and after exercise to help your body release heat and improve exercise performance.

The hidden scene about drinking water

While some colleagues have enhanced motivation to drink more water, others have been semi-forced to increase their water intake unexpectedly.

“Unlike in the office where you get to drink tea, coffee, and coke, there isn’t much choice when working from home. So I can only drink more water.” (Sounds miserable)

“Take a vitamin supplement and threaten myself that I will have kidney stones if I don’t drink water.” (Justice tempered with mercy)

“Challenge myself to cook so I will keep drinking water due to the salty food I cook.” (You may not want to try this method!)

These examples may sound awkward, but they represent real life. Have you ever drunk more water than you had expected? We are eager to hear about it!


研究:讓大腦增快14%!「喝水」有3大好處,還能排毒、減肥 – Heho健康

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