User Story: Olivia Fights Chronic Dehydration in College
User Story: Olivia Fights Chronic Dehydration in College

User Story: Olivia Fights Chronic Dehydration in College

Olivia, a busy university student who needs to balance both academics and work, had been suffering from severe dehydration for over a year. She frequently experienced dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. After a friend recommended she download Plant Nanny, a cute mobile app that encourages water consumption through the nurturing of virtual plants, Olivia began to develop good hydration habits and learned how to properly rehydrate. She now feels healthier, more relaxed, and more energetic, and has since recommended this fun and motivational water reminder app to those around her.

Hydration battle in a busy life

Although we all know that staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is important for our health, it's not easy to achieve the recommended daily intake. Those of us with busy lifestyles can become overly focused on our tasks and forget to drink water, or we may neglect to take in fluids when we feel stressed or anxious. When the body continuously lacks water, it can lead to dehydration, and that can seriously affect our health.

Olivia is a college student who not only has to deal with schoolwork, but also has a physically demanding job. Being busy all day makes it hard for her to remember to drink water, and she says she has been severely dehydrated for the past year. She experiences frequent headaches, nausea, fatigue, and even depression.

A few months ago, a friend recommended Plant Nanny to Olivia. She immediately downloaded the app, which features cute plants and healing sounds, and bought a 72-ounce water bottle with a goal to drink two full bottles of water every day!

Caring for plants inspires self-care

After starting to use Plant Nanny, Olivia quickly became fascinated with planting various types of plants. She happily shared that the unique plants are undoubtedly her favorite part of the app, as each plant has a cute and unique appearance and personality, so much that choosing which one to plant each time was a tough call! Olivia said that her plant companions have become a motivating force for her to keep going:

“I have never been keen on taking care of myself, but on Plant Nanny, I take care of a cute little plant! They are truly what inspires me to continue, especially when they look sad or are wilting.”

Although she's still busy, Olivia remembers to drink water because she worries about her little plants needing water. Whenever her plants smile happily after being watered, it makes her feel healed and happy. Olivia also said she always feels like drinking water now, whether it's tap water, sparkling water, or bottled water. Her greatly improved water intake has caught the attention of her colleagues, many of whom are curious about how much water she drinks. They also want to drink more like Olivia, asking her how to improve their own water intake.

Healthy hydration: Drink water consistently and sufficiently

While striving to increase her water intake, Olivia realized that simply drinking more water was not the solution. She had to evaluate her daily water intake based on her body weight and activity level, as well as pay attention to the timing and frequency of her water intake. She also learned not to drink large amounts of water at once just to reach her daily water intake goal . All of this practical advice on hydration came from Plant Nanny.

Olivia: “Plant Nanny educated me; I shouldn’t drink too much water in a day or drink water too fast. So, now I know moderation. There is a dashboard in Plant Nanny to give little tips and tricks regarding water which is super helpful! “

With the company of her little plants, Olivia is now able to maintain proper hydration throughout the day, and has not experienced dehydration again. She feels happier, healthier, and more energetic. As a Plant Nanny user, are you like Olivia, learning good hydration habits from your plants? Your plants are full of energy thanks to you, and their cute chatter is telling you they appreciate you for remembering to drink water and water them even when you’re busy. And don’t let your friends and family miss out on the fun. Share Olivia’s story with them so they can benefit, too!

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