Missed Your Water Break? Get Timely Reminders and Prioritize Self-care
Missed Your Water Break? Get Timely Reminders and Prioritize Self-care

Missed Your Water Break? Get Timely Reminders and Prioritize Self-care

To Those Who Neglect Self-Care Due to Busy Lives

Do you often feel scatterbrained, forgetting things here and there? Perhaps, in the midst of your busy schedule, you tend to overlook the most crucial aspect—taking care of your body's needs, such as drinking enough water.

Between jam-packed calendars, we often forget to tend to our bodies, and drinking water is one essential detail that slips our minds. We get immersed in work or studies, rushing through classrooms or meetings, only to realize we've forgotten to hydrate when we feel thirsty, tired, or even lightheaded.

Megan, a dedicated dancer who spends around 30 hours a week dancing, discovered the negative effects of forgetting to drink water due to her rigorous practice:

"I didn't realize that dehydration was the cause of my severe headaches and even fainting episodes every week. I neglected the importance of hydrating during exercise and used to believe that going a whole day without drinking water wouldn't matter. But even after I became aware of the need to 'drink more water,' I couldn't find a suitable way to do so."— Megan, Ballet Dancer, user of Plant Nanny

Sometimes, all we need is a simple reminder, and that's where Plant Nanny and its adorable little plants come in. When you see the little plant on your phone's home screen looking droopy, it's a sign that your body is calling out, "Go get yourself a glass of water!"

A Visual Tracking Tool at a Glance: iOS Widget Feature

Since the release of iOS 14, Apple introduced Widgets, allowing users to view real-time information from their favorite apps directly on their home screens, lock screens, or "Today View." Plant Nanny offers 7 designs, making it easy to see your water intake progress. With just one second, you can grasp your daily water-drinking goal and progress, eliminating worries about forgetting due to a scatterbrained mind.

According to James Clear, the author of the globally popular habit-building book "Atomic Habits," "visualization is one of the most effective tools for developing good habits." Plant Nanny also harnesses the power of visualization, showcasing the growing state of your little plant (a cute pumpkin blinking at you! 🎃 ) or virtual character on the widget. It also displays the completion rate of your weekly and monthly water-drinking goals. These visually appealing designs not only bring cuteness and comfort but also continually ignite your inner motivation, reminding you to "drink water" at all times.

Unique Reminder Rhythm: Customizable Notifications

"Plant Nanny taught me not to drink too much water in a day or gulp it down too quickly. I understand the importance of moderate hydration now. The in-app water tracker and the water-drinking tips and tricks are incredibly helpful!" — Olivia, user of Plant Nnnay

Each of us lives in different time zones, following our own pace and rhythm in life. You may love exercising in the early morning, requiring more frequent and rapid hydration than others. Or perhaps you prefer drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal to refresh your taste buds.

Plant Nanny offers various customization features to accompany you and alert you during your most critical "hydration moments." By subscribing and unlocking the full experience, you gain access to even more personalized settings. With this, Plant Nanny helps you create a tailored water-drinking plan.

  1. Smart Reminders: By customizing the "allow notification" period, you can freely arrange the best reminder time for drinking water, whether you're an early bird or a night owl. For example, you can set the reminder to start at 5 AM or receive notifications after 12 PM, ensuring your schedule remains undisturbed. Besides fixed interval reminders (e.g., every 2 hours), you can choose "smart reminders" or "custom reminders" to find the water-drinking rhythm that suits you best.

  2. Change of Daytime: Whether influenced by daylight saving time or your personal "life rhythm," which might be an hour or two later than others, you may prefer going to bed around 2 AM. With the customizable change of daytime feature, you can define your own daily time zone.

  3. Recommended Water Intake Goals: In addition to the system's suggested goals, you can further customize your water intake target by unlocking the "custom water goal" feature. For instance, if you've been consuming salty foods lately, you can set a goal to drink more water and reduce water retention. Or if you've been walking 20,000 steps every day during a recent trip to Japan, you can adjust your goals to remind yourself to stay hydrated and replenished.

💡 When you set up smart reminders, Plant Nanny will only remind you when you forget to drink water. For example, if you set a 2-hour reminder and drink water at 9:30 AM and log it, you won't receive a reminder at 10 AM. The next reminder will be in 2 hours, at 11:30 AM.

Through the experience of "taking care of the little plant, which means taking care of yourself," Plant Nanny hopes to accompany you and remind you to drink water throughout your daily life. By subscribing and unlocking the full version, Plant Nanny offers greater flexibility in personalized settings, helping you create a water-drinking plan that suits you. Moreover, you'll discover a plethora of hydration tips and tricks that make your water-drinking journey easier, more relaxed, and enjoyable.

Join our community now and grow together with your beloved water-loving plants! Unlock the full experience with a 7-day or 14-day free trial. Subscribe to Plant Nanny and enjoy even more exciting content and features. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to developing a water-drinking habit!

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