User Story: Mom Nicole Helps Child Overcome Bedwetting & Constipation
User Story: Mom Nicole Helps Child Overcome Bedwetting & Constipation

User Story: Mom Nicole Helps Child Overcome Bedwetting & Constipation

Nicole shared that after her daughter suffered from 8 years of constipation and bedwetting issues, she finally found success with Plant Nanny and was able to motivate her child to develop a habit of drinking water. The fun way of growing cute virtual plants not only made her daughter start liking to drink water, but also encouraged her to drink more. The mother suggested that her medical team recommend Plant Nanny to more families with the same problems, so that children who are resistant or forget to drink water can develop healthy drinking habits.

Perennial parental problem: Getting children to drink water

Are you concerned about your child not drinking enough water?

For children and adults alike, colorless and tasteless water can be boring and unappealing. Additionally, if a child has a low level of activity, they may not feel thirsty very often, which can further affect their water intake. Over time, this can not only lead to health problems such as dehydration, constipation, and kidney stones but also affect cognitive abilities, emotions, and behavior, negatively affecting a child's development.

Nicole is a mother of four who has been trying to solve her youngest daughter's constipation and bedwetting problems for 8 years. She has seen two gastroenterologists and a urologist, and tried various medications, but none have been successful, and her daughter still drinks very little water despite her mother’s efforts to encourage her.

“She basically is her own downfall. I've tried reward charts, drinking cups that she likes, positive reinforcement, and GI groups. Everything worked for a little. In addition, her fluid intake was very minimal.” Nicole said.

However, during a visit to a gastrointestinal and psychological doctor with her daughter, Nicole was introduced to Plant Nanny, an app that her daughter found very interesting due to its cute characteristics.

Plant Nanny’s playful magic

Nicole had tried various methods and was willing to try another one. She and her daughter developed a reward system for growing plants: the first goal was to drink 3 cups of water, and after planting a plant, Nicole promised to let her daughter choose an add-on for her favorite game as a reward.

A week later, her daughter successfully drank 3 daily cups of water. Nicole thought it might just be another temporary small achievement, but she remained optimistic. Indeed, her daughter not only continued to drink water but also enthusiastically watered her small plant.

At the follow-up visit with the urologist, she shared her daughter's progress and discussed increasing her daily intake to 4 cups of water gradually. Now that she’s used Plant Nanny for 3 months, Nicole's daughter continues to drink water, and is now on her 10th plant!

“So far this is the only thing that has worked for her to drink her fluids!” Nicole said.

The key to transforming Nicole’s daughter’s mindset from not liking to drink water to happily drinking water lies in the little magic of Plant Nanny.

  1. Over 50 cute and unique plants. Plant Nanny combines natural plant characteristics with creative elements, whether it's the smiling and sun-loving "Sunnii" or the lazy and relaxed "Potato.” Each plant displays its own personality and even a fascinating character story. Naturally curious and imaginative children are motivated and inspired to collect them.

  2. Taking care of plants makes drinking water fun. The cute plants of Plant Nanny are like children's pocket pets, allowing children who are not yet health conscious to understand that insufficient water can make their beloved plants sick. When children drink and record their water, the water will magically help the little plants recover instantly. If kids drink regularly, the plants will grow better and faster, creating a beautiful garden that is unique to each player.

  3. A sense of exclusive companionship. Nicole also mentioned that her daughter is keen to name each plant, seriously thinking about what name is suitable for a somewhat shy dandelion, or asking family members what name should be given to her little rose. She is also very active in collecting clovers to exchange for unique flower pots to dress up the plants. These mechanisms make each plant a unique partner for children and provide them with continuous motivation.

Fun is the best medicine!

Instead of nagging her child to drink water or constantly thinking of new rewards to encourage her, Nicole chose a new method to help her daughter develop a drinking water habit. She introduced her child to the simple, cute, and playful Plant Nanny app, and these days, her daughter no longer finds drinking water boring. It turns out that fun can be a great motivator for kids, effectively addressing the problem where traditional methods cannot.

“I didn't think her excitement would last this long. This is definitely a great app and I told her urologist and her GI Psychologist to definitely recommend it to patients that have a hard time.” Nicole said.

We’re happy that Nicole, who was worried about her child, finally found a solution, and we’re also happy that Plant Nanny is able to help children stay hydrated and grow up healthy!

Many of you who are keeping hydrated with Plant Nanny probably face similar challenges, as do those around you. Be sure to share Nicole’s story with fellow parents who might be searching for solutions to their children’s resistance to drinking water. Fun just might be the answer!

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