JUL Exclusive Plant: 'Strawberry' — 3 Enjoyable Things for Strawberry Lovers
JUL Exclusive Plant: 'Strawberry' — 3 Enjoyable Things for Strawberry Lovers

JUL Exclusive Plant: 'Strawberry' — 3 Enjoyable Things for Strawberry Lovers

Sweet and sour, refreshing and delicious, strawberries are not just a tasty fruit; they are also a popular plant that provides hydration and brings diverse and fun experiences. Whether added to your breakfast cereal bowl or enjoyed alone, strawberries always bring joy and excitement! Yet of course, the enjoyment strawberries can bring goes beyond that. Follow this article along to uncover the hidden aspects of strawberries you may not know, and explore more about the fun experiences associated with strawberries!

Let’s play! Listen to a strawberry song

Featuring a vibrant red heart-shaped appearance and a sweet taste, strawberries are often considered a symbol of happiness, joy, and love. It's no wonder they have become darlings to the music world, with numerous popular and captivating songs dedicated to strawberries or referencing them in their lyrics.

For instance, in Deana Carter's 'Strawberry Wine,' the taste of strawberries accompanies beautiful memories of first love, evoking the sweetness of youth once again. Alternatively, Coldplay's 'Strawberry Swing' presents strawberries in the song as a representation of innocence and a longing for blissful moments.

“ They were sitting on the strawberry swing. Every moment was so precious. ” - Coldplay. “Strawberry Swing.”

Try to search for keywords such as "strawberry" on Youtube or Spotify, choose a strawberry-related song that catches your attention the most and press "Play". Feel the strawberries blooming in the melody, whether it is sweet or sour, immerse yourself in the wonderful strawberry music read on!

Bottomless Strawberry Dessert Pleasures

It is said that the tradition of using strawberries in desserts originated from the classic pairing of "strawberries and cream." One account suggests that it was the court chefs of King Henry VIII who came up with the idea. They had to cater to hundreds of lords and ladies daily and devised a dessert that combined strawberries and cream. It required no cooking to quickly serve a delicious dish. Another story attributes the perfect combination of strawberries and cream to Thomas Wolsey, the Catholic bishop, who created it at a royal banquet. During that time, anything consumed by the royal family became fashionable and thus popularized the combination.

Sweet and tangy strawberries paired with rich cream creates a delightful combination that is widely used in various desserts: strawberry cream cake, strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshakes, Eton Mess, and so on. These creations are endless and can be enjoyed during afternoon tea or as highlights in special celebrations. This classic pairing, as the American poet Nikki Giovanni once mentioned:

"Poetry and music are very good friends. Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream - they go together.“

However, the combination of strawberries and cream is just the tip of the iceberg in the world of strawberry desserts. If you're a strawberry lover and a foodie, it's not hard to imagine that you often find yourself facing a dilemma: "Strawberry mille-feuille or strawberry tart?" "Strawberry pancakes or strawberry crepes?" The choices keep multiplying, and oh! what a delightful predicament it is!

Cause hey, the torment of having too many options, isn't it a kind of bliss?

Harvest Strawberries and Get Fun Facts

The history of strawberries can be traced back to the Roman Empire when wild strawberries were primarily used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Over time, strawberries were extensively cultivated and improved to become more delicious and nutritious, and they gradually gained popularity among people. Today, strawberries are grown almost everywhere around the world, and many places celebrate the bountiful harvest of strawberries with "Strawberry Seasons" or "Strawberry Festivals." These events often include activities such as visiting strawberry gardens, strawberry-picking experiences, and tasting of the freshly picked strawberries.

Stay tuned to when your country has a bountiful strawberry season. If you have the opportunity to pick strawberries yourself, don't miss the chance to observe two secrets of strawberries up close:

Strawberries are not berries

The flesh of strawberries that we commonly consume is actually the swollen receptacle, which develops after pollination. According to the botanical definition, true berries are fruits derived from a single ovary with multiple seeds. However, strawberries are aggregate fruits formed from the development of multiple ovaries, making them "false fruits."

Surface grains are not strawberry seeds

The sesame-sized grains on the surface of strawberries are not actually seeds; in fact, they are the true fruits of the strawberry. These grains change color as the receptacle ripens, transitioning from green or white then to a golden hue. So, where are the strawberry seeds? The answer lies within these grain-like structures.

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