JAN Exclusive Plant: 'Glaucous Willow' — Cat's Tail-Like New Year Money Tree
JAN Exclusive Plant: 'Glaucous Willow' — Cat's Tail-Like New Year Money Tree

JAN Exclusive Plant: 'Glaucous Willow' — Cat's Tail-Like New Year Money Tree

What do you think of when you hear about fuzzy plants? There is a specific plant known as the 'Glaucous Willow,' which boasts silvery-white fuzz that is quite charming. It's also a popular decoration in households worldwide during the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Glaucous Willow has cool traits that make it interesting to look at during different times of the year! If you're new to the Glaucous Willow or already know a bit about it, this article will uncover more cool stories and facts about this plant!

What makes it symbolize wealth and good fortune?

You might have heard, "Starting well means you're halfway there." People believe that if the new year begins well, the whole year will proceed smoothly. Hence, the Chinese people decorate their homes, offices, and various spaces during the Lunar New Year, anticipating a fresh good start. Plants and flowers that symbolize good fortune become favorites during this season.

Just looking at the Glaucous Willow might not make it obvious why it's a symbol of prosperity.. Its slender branches do not bear vibrant, large blossoms, nor do they have lush, vigorous green leaves. On the contrary, the typical practice involves removing the green leaves, leaving numerous small flower buds. This practice might seem different from the grand, splendid displays usually favored during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The symbolism behind the Glaucous Willow comes partly from its Chinese name, "銀柳 (yinliu; yín liǔ)," which sounds similar to "銀兩 (yin liang)" in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. "銀兩" refers to ancient money, and the pronunciation also hints at "銀留 (yin liu)," which can be interpreted as "keeping wealth." Both interpretations symbolize good fortune.

The Glaucous Willow flower buds stand out because they change in appearance. Initially, they're a rich deep red, but as they mature, the red scales peel away, revealing a shiny, silver-white fuzz inside, resembling silver coins. In Chinese culture, the long branches of the Glaucous Willow represent "growth," while the abundance of flower buds signifies "harvest." These multiple symbols of joy have made it a must-have plant for the festive season of the Lunar New Year.

🧧 The Chinese people display the Glaucous Willow, symbolizing wealth, with its abundant red buds exuding joy and festivity.

A Diverse Range of Charming Appearances

While the Glaucous Willow is closely associated with the Chinese festival, it isn't solely popular during the Lunar New Year. Its display period extends for several months, showcasing different charming states based on various care methods and growth stages:

1. Festive Spring Welcoming Glaucous Willow

The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, typically starting a few weeks before January. It's advisable to purchase the Glaucous Willow during the preceding weeks, choosing plump and ready-to-bloom buds. When the entire branch displays a vibrant red hue, it signifies joy and can be displayed until the Lantern Festival (the Lunar New Month). Moreover, decorating the branches with New Year's ornaments such as gold ingots, bows, or small red envelope decorations represents the arrival of prosperity and blessings.

2. Fuzzy and Adorable Cat-tail Willow

Glaucous Willows can thrive in both dry and watery conditions. In drier environments, limiting water can keep their bud-like appearance intact, making them last for up to eight months or even a year. However, to witness the Glaucous Willow blossoms requires periodic water changes and occasional root trimming. Around two weeks later, white fuzzy blooms resembling a cute cat's tail start to unfurl. Hence, the Glaucous Willow earns its moniker "Cat-tail Willow," with its viewing period extending up to two months.

🐱 The Glaucous Willow blooms with silver-white fuzz that looks like a cat's tail, earning it the nickname 'Cat-tail Willow.'

3. Colorful Transforming Willows

Besides the red flower buds changes into silver-white fuzz, you might have also noticed the fuzzy Glaucous Willows in different vibrant colors like peachy pink, blue-purple, apple green, and many others. The vivid colors might appear so vibrant that you might wonder if they're artificially created.

These uniquely colored are artificially dyed by adding edible pigments or dyes to their water supply. In just 1-2 weeks, new flower buds unfurl, showing off unique colors. To keep these hues vibrant, you can stop watering and put the plant in a vase. Without water, it slows growth, helps colors last longer, and prevents mold, possibly preserving its vibrant shades for up to a year.

How it's placed? There's a skill to that!

Have you fallen for the myriad charms of the Glaucous Willows? Consider these placement tips for your home or office to attract fortune and cultivate a distinctive atmosphere:

1. Entranceway Prosperity

Placing lush Glaucous Willows with plump flowers at the entrance can create an inviting atmosphere for the God of Wealth, inviting abundant blessings. It's also suggested to place it in the foyer or courtyard if not indoors. It's believed that the more flourishing the Glaucous Willow, the better the financial fortune for the year!

2. Living Room for Harvest

Placing Glaucous Willows in gathering spaces signifies unity and attracts attention.. Additionally, the fuzzy flowers of the Glaucous Willows resemble a calligraphy brush, symbolizing academic success and recognition. Whether for the former or latter reason, it brings about prosperous fortunes.

3. Favor Brightness, Avoid Darkness

For those less concerned about Feng Shui but desiring a unique home atmosphere, the Glaucous Willows is a great choice. In recent years, many Westerners have appreciated the unique posture of the Glaucous Willows, creatively combining its cottony white fuzz with various styles of planters, creating a modern and chic feel. However, it thrives in sunlight and might not grow well in darker settings.

Your wealth-attracting pal has been ready!

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