3 Tips for Digital Detox: Disconnecting for Inner Peace
 3 Tips for Digital Detox: Disconnecting for Inner Peace

3 Tips for Digital Detox: Disconnecting for Inner Peace

When was the last time you completely put down your phone? Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, being addicted to or spending too much time on technology can inundate us with information and noise, making it difficult to truly rest and relax.

Take a moment to imagine a peaceful moment that belongs to you. Maybe it's quietly observing your breathing rhythm late at night, or listening to the sound of wind blowing through leaves in nature. Even in a busy life, we can use some simple methods to reconnect with ourselves and find a quiet oasis amidst the flood of technology. Let's explore three small ways of digital decluttering together!

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Take a Break: Relax and Recharge with Water

Lily faces project deadlines every day and often feels overwhelmed. To take care of her health, she reminds herself that "The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." She uses a smart push notification feature on her water-drinking app to remind herself to take a break with a glass of water. During this time, she puts her phone aside, sits quietly for a few minutes, and enjoys a peaceful moment.

This may be the simplest and easiest method that is also a "zero-cost challenge"! A small tip is to remember to leave your phone on your desk when leaving your seat so that you can free up your hands and walk lightly to the pantry. You can also combine it with the Golden Drinking Time Table: Drink at This Time according to your schedule and find the best time for yourself to take breaks as well as digital decluttering time points. Kill two birds with one stone!

Just Do It: Get Moving and Inject Energy into Your Body

One way to break free from the shackles of technology is to "change your environment or surroundings," which is why exercising is a great choice. When you put on tight yoga pants or change into swimwear at the beach or community pool, you're bound to leave your beloved phone or even Apple Watch in the locker, right?

David, a college student, started running for half an hour every evening to address the negative effects of extended screen time. Running became his stress relief, mental relaxation, and physical boost. David said, "After each run, I feel energized, joyful, and peaceful.”

Exercise has a significant impact on both physical and mental health. It can improve mood, increase physical strength, and enhance sleep quality. However, work requirements that involve prolonged indoor waiting (such as WFH or final exam preparation) can make it difficult to stay active. To help you increase your steps and activity levels while brightening up your mood, here are some tips.

Building Intimate Relationships: Spending Time with Family

Statistics show that the more time we spend in front of digital screens, the fewer opportunities we have to spend high-quality time with our families. Digital decluttering can help us find personal relaxation and peace, while also allowing us to refocus on building more intimate and meaningful relationships with our significant others, friends, or family.

We can engage in simple yet fun activities that remind us to temporarily put down our digital devices. For example, we can ban phones during dinner together, go outdoors for a weekend hike, or organize a family game night.

Andrew, a young father, disconnects from technology by spending time with his children every weekend. They go to the riverbank park and enjoy bike rides together. Andrew believes that these moments of putting down phones and digital products help him interact more deeply with his family. He is able to understand his children's interests, thoughts, and feelings, which strengthens their relationships.

Avoiding Technology Anxiety: Mindfully Embracing the Present Moment

This article offers 3 tips for disconnecting from technology, aimed at helping us regain focus and independence. By setting aside our electronic devices, we can center ourselves and live in the present moment. By "digital decluttering," we can disconnect from the noise of the world, not only to avoid social anxiety or improve our physical health but also to reconnect with ourselves and live more consciously.

To get the most out of unplugging, try combining it with other habits or routines such as not using your phone while eating, leaving your phone on the table when pouring a glass of water, or avoiding electronic devices for 10 minutes before bedtime. You could even encourage family members or roommates to join you in reducing screen time.

Share this article with your tech-addicted friends and let's begin!

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