How is my energy production calculated?

Energy generation capabilities depend on the average amount of energy you've produced from walking over the last 7 days. (Note: This doesn't include energy bonuses from special spaceships or the booster system.)

Consider the following formulas:

  • ”Steps” on the Energy Log page = walk * 1 + run * 1
  • ”Energy” on the Energy Log page = Base energy + (Booster effect + Spaceship enhancement effect) [Note 1]
  • Base energy = (walk * 1 + run * 2) x Booster effect [Note 2]
  • Energy production = the average of (walk * 1 + run * 2) over the past 7 days

[Note 1] The booster system automatically multiplies your energy. When your daily steps are between 5,000 and 10,000, your energy is doubled. When your daily steps surpass 10,000, your energy is tripled.

[Note 2] The booster system has a booster effect that can be manually activated. Energy produced within two hours of activating the booster effect will be doubled.

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